by Mariano Sora

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Otra vez les traemos el Ep debut de un nuevo jugador de la interminable fauna de productores de nuestra querida comunidad. Y orgullosos de que así sea.

Mariano Sora integra la banda de Hip Hop Iluminate desde 2011, aportando su musicalidad e instrumentación, que ha venido desarrollando, para ahora demostrarnos sus habilidades como productor.

Tierra es un release de 4 temas que van pasando desde lo orgánico al deep house con una deliciosa sensibilidad y ademas tiene un gran contenido de armonías que moldean una opera prima envidiable para cualquiera. Si de fineza hablamos, acá sobra.

Sabemos que esto es sólo el comienzo y no será la última vez que tengamos un trabajo de este nuevo productor que se suma a nuestras filas.


Again we bring you an debut Ep from a new player of the endless family of producers of our beloved community. And we are proud of it.

Mariano Sora is a member of the Hip Hop band Iluminate since 2011, contributing whit his musicality and instrumentation, which he has been developing, and now he can demonstrate his skills as a producer.

Tierra is a release of 4 tracks that go from the organic to the deep house with a delicious sensitivity and also has a great content of harmonies that mold an opera prima that anyone would envy. If we speak of fineness, there is plenty here.

We know this is just the beginning and it will not be the last time we present a job of this new producer that joins our ranks.


released April 21, 2017




Sub Klub records Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sub Klub Recodrs is an independent label based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, pointing to a global tropical bass sound, without neglecting any new influence that shake our senses every now and then. We publish artist from all latitudes because we care productions rather that flags and especially the feeling of each producer. Always looking for the freshest and original of the new emerging sounds. ... more

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