Pre Hispanic Moombahton Gods

by Javier Estrada

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Con orgullo presentamos un ep del vanguardista productor mexicano Javier Estrada, hablamos de Prehispanic Moombahton Goods, una invasión de sonidos selváticos que literalmente te transportan 500 años al pasado imperio azteca. Un asombroso viaje musical lleno de vida, con una gran variedad de influencias, no solo es moombahton sino que también agrega percusiones 3ball y sintes estilo dutch house. Una verdadera joya.

We proudly present a cutting-edge ep from the mexican producer Javier Estrada, we speak of Prehispanic Moombahton Goods, an invation of jungle sounds that transport you literally 500 years back to the aztec empire. An amazing musical journey full of life, with a variety of influences, it`s not only moombahton but also adds 3 ball percussions and dutch house style synths. A real gem.


released March 20, 2012

Producido por Javier Estrada
Arte por Pablo DSG




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Sub Klub Recodrs is an independent label based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, pointing to a global tropical bass sound, without neglecting any new influence that shake our senses every now and then. We publish artist from all latitudes because we care productions rather that flags and especially the feeling of each producer. Always looking for the freshest and original of the new emerging sounds. ... more

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