Latino Hustler

by Jairo Mendez

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Otro más y van, ahora se suma Jairo Mendez a la lista de talentosos productores venezolanos que desfilan por la pasarela musical de SUB KLUB. Su ep Latino Hustler es un furioso mapeo de varios de los estilos que venimos escuchando últimamente en la escena bass. Su estilo personal tiene influencias del uk funk, algunas cositas del trap y un sutil toque tropical. Atmósferas viajeras, sintes afilados, hi hats agresivos y bajos profundos son una combinación precisa que hacen de este, un gran release.

Another one and they keep comming, Jairo Mendez now joins the list of talented venezuelan producers musical that parade down SUB KLUB´s musical catwalk. His ep Latino Hustler is an angry mapping of several styles that we’ve been hearing lately on the bas scene. His personal style has influences from uk funk, some things of trap and a subtle tropical touch. Traveling atmospheres, sharp synths, aggressive hi hats and deep basslines shown a precise combination that make this, a great release.


released August 5, 2012

Producido por Jairo Mendez aka Lakra
Arte de tapa por Kid Navajas




Sub Klub records Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sub Klub Recodrs is an independent label based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, pointing to a global tropical bass sound, without neglecting any new influence that shake our senses every now and then. We publish artist from all latitudes because we care productions rather that flags and especially the feeling of each producer. Always looking for the freshest and original of the new emerging sounds. ... more

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